Jacob Marley Living Statue

Jacob Marley Christmas Living Statue

Have you noticed a drop in temperature? Was that the distant sound of clanking chains? Introducing the ghost of Jacob Marley - the perfect festive frightener from The Living Statue Company.

Scrooge's long dead friend and business partner returns in Human Statue form to turn you all away from your naughty ways. Wrapped in heavy chains for all eternity Jacob Marley wanders this Earth - "captive, bound and double ironed" - to turn wayward souls back to a righteous life.

Mind how you go; this corrective Living Statue wants to ensure you're on your best behaviour. You, Madam, are you sure you need that glass of champagne? You, Sir, are you sure that tie goes with those shoes? A rattle of Jacob Marley's chains will set you back on the true path.

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